Before introducing Corrlinks, its interesting to notice that prisoners who have been convicted of crimes or even civil offenses have to spend time behind bars. In many cases, the imprisonment could run into many years and perhaps even decades. There are many prisoners who may have to spend the rest of their lives in prisons.

This is a part of a well defined legal system. But at the same time, the humanitarian considerations of the prisoners need to be taken into account. Most of these prisoners need to communicate with their family members and therefore there should be some way out.

Before technology developed as it has today, personal visits of family members and the lawyers were the only way by which the prisoners could get in touch with the outside world. However, things have changed over the past few decades and technology has been a great enabler.

We have today something known as corrlinks and it would be interesting to know more about it. It will help in understanding how communication of prisoners works in prisons and will be useful for the relatives and friends of the inmates of many prisons in the country. It will also help as a guide for all the prisoners who are keen on being in regular touch with those who matter in their lives.

What Is Corrlinks All About

This is a company which is privately held. The main objective of this company is to operate TRULINCS which stands for Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System. This is basically a well-defined and well-structured email system which helps the inmates to communicate with the outside world. This is not a free offer and the relatives of the inmates or the correspondents can send an email to his or her inmate. However, the email is not delivered to the recipient electronically but printouts are taken and mailed to them by the authorities using this technology. This service is available to all federal inmates.

There is a fee that is payable by the inmates for using this system and it is around $0.05 per each minute of use of the facility and the printing charge is around $0.15 per page. This is just an estimate and there could be many prisons in the country which could charge more.

There Are Strings Attached To The Use Of This Facility

However, there are a few strings attached when it comes to using the facility offered by Corrlinks. First and foremost it may not be available in all the federal prisons. Therefore the inmates must spend some time looking up the right sources of information and be sure that this facility is available in the prison in which they are now in. For example, if an inmate is convicted or a crime involving computers and related technology, then it is unlikely that he or she will be able to use this facility.

The inmates must also be aware that they are not allowed access to the internet. All the message, incoming and outgoing are monitored. There also is a limit to the number of characters which is allowed. It should not exceed 13,000 characters and no attachments are allowed to be sent along with the mail. If there are any attachments the same are removed. Further it is also important to be sure that the contents should pertain only to common exchange of information between the inmates and their friends and relatives.

It is very important that the contents of the email should not be detrimental to the safety of the general public. It should not also be jeopardize security, safety or orderly and correct operation as far as the correction facility is concerned. If it happens in any manner whatsoever, it is likely that the facility will be taken away immediately and the inmates concerned could also run the risk of other legal actions being taken again them.

Therefore, the onus lies on the inmates to clearly understand the legal and other implications before making use of the facilities. It is being offered only with the purpose of sharing general and personal information between the inmates and his/her family members. The rule of the law must be maintained under all circumstances.

How Can One Use The Site Corrlinks

There are clearly laid down steps and procedures which must be followed and visiting the website of corrlinks would certainly be the best way by which one can get to know more about it. We will try and look at a few useful pieces of information which could be easy to put things in the right perspective.

There are some usage terms and conditions which must be gone through. Only after agreeing to the terms and conditions, will the inmates be allowed to sign up for this facility. The inmates must also fund the account using Visa Credit Card or Mastercard.

Charges are also applicable and a brief idea about the same is also given above. Visiting the websites and going through the FAQ section will help the inmates to know more about the actual charges and fee involved.

The messages are delivered at a time of the liking of the prison authorities and as inmates they have no control over it. It is also possible that message may not be delivered to the inmates should the prison authorities feel that there is a breach of safety and security regulations.

In case the message is not delivered for any reason, the inmates cannot ask for refund and therefore this point has to be kept in mind.

The messages are likely to be monitored and therefore inmates will not within their right to ask for privacy as far as sharing of information with their near and dear one are concerned.


At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that choosing corrlinks is a nice way by which prison inmates can be in touch with their near and dear ones. However, the rules pertaining to such exchange of email communication is not uniform across the board. Therefore they should be aware of the same and only then should they use this facility. It does cost money and the onus lies on them to make good use of the money at all points of time.