Have you ever missed a conference that you really ought to have attended but didn’t learn about until it was too late? Or maybe you have tried in vain to find a suitable place to publish that almost-finished paper of yours? That’s why we created Eventseer. We wanted to create a service that aggregates all the calls for papers and event announcements that floats around the web into one common, searchable tool. What is more,we also wanted it to alert you whenever something comes up that just might be of interest.

How does it work?

Eventseer keeps track of events, people, topics and organizations. When you sign up you will get a personal tracker that can be customized to your liking. If you are interested in a certain topic then you add it to your tracker. If there’s an academic that works on something that interests you then you add that person.

Basically, everything that ends up on Eventseer is trackable and hyperlinked. Whenever something that interests you is mentioned, you will receive an alert. The end product? Your own, personalized tracker feed that helps you stay informed.

So what are we offering?

Quite a lot, in fact:

  • Alerts whenever a tracked event is updated.
  • Alerts when people, topics or organizations are mentioned.
  • Customizable deadline alerts and your own deadline calender.
  • Your own personalized RSS feed.
  • The ability to claim a person profile page as your own and
    use it as a research blog.
  • A way of reaching a highly targeted audience.
  • The opportunity to comment on events.
  • An easy way of publishing your own events.
  • An interface for communicating with other researchers.
  • A convenient way of planning your research activities and staying ahead of the game.

Just another social network…?

Far from it. You don’t have to designate people as your friends or invite them into your own personal circle. In fact, you can keep track of people whether you like them or not :-).

You can invite a person to become a user of Eventseer, but that doesn’t create a special relationship between you and that person. The only reason for inviting someone is for momentum: The more
people who use Eventseer, the better it gets.The basic philosophy is simple: In Eventseer, you state what
you want to learn about, instead of who you know.

So what about the network information on the person and topic pages? Well, that is just to help you find people that you might not have known about previously. This information is automatically mined
from our database and is only intended to make search and navigation easier for you.