How can I submit an event?

Just go here.

Is this just for computer science events?

No, but as of now the bulk of the events in our database are oriented towards computer science. We are, however, very happy to receive events for other academic disciplines!

I have a friend who is a sociologist—can I invite him as well?

Please do, but you might have to add your friend first. While you are at it, remember to encourage him or her to submit sociology events as well. We welcome researchers and academics of every type.

I want a personal profile page but can’t find myself—what should I do?

Click here to add yourself. You will be notified on your tracker once an administrator has approved the addition.

Do I have to claim one of the profile pages to use

No, you don’t—you can use your regular anonymous account to keep track of people and events and post comments without revealing your real identity. We do not even demand an e-mail address.

If you choose to claim a profile page we will require an e-mail address for identification purposes. However, the link between your profile page and your account nickname will not be made public unless you choose to. This means that you can still post comments using only your nickname after having claimed a profile.

We recommend claiming a profile, though. Only then can you add information yourself. Plus you’ll also get your own event deadline calendar.

How can I upload my picture?

You can’t. You can, however, link to images that are hosted elsewhere from your biography, whiteboard postings, or event comments. (We don’t really want to be in the image hosting business.)

Somebody else has claimed my profile page—what can I do about it?

Send an e-mail to and we will try to sort it out.

My name appears on different profile pages in various spellings—is it possible to merge the profiles?
Not yet, but we are working on it. For now, just claim the profile with the most information in it.

Why is there no data for the May–November 2005 period?

We have not updated our event database for that period. The missing events will appear once we get around to it.

One of the events on is a scam event with no scientific merit; can you remove it?

We’d rather not. If you come across an event that, for whatever reason, is of dubious quality then please register and post a comment about it. Your nickname will not be linked to your real identity unless you choose to.

One of our goals with is to give people a way of sharing their experiences with different conference organizers. Hopefully, this will in the long run bring some transparency to an industry that at the moment is needlessly opaque.

I can’t see the charts on the stats pages

Try upgrading to the latest version of Flash and then restart your browser.

Which browsers are you supporting?

We recommend using either Firefox 2.x, Safari 3.x, Internet Explorer 7.0, or Opera 9.x. Internet Explorer 6.0 appears to be working fine as well but might have some visual oddities. Internet Explorer 5.5 and below have never been tested. If you are experiencing problems with a particular browser then send us a note and we’ll see what we can do about it.