How many times have forgot your deadline? How many times have you been so busy that you forgot to send your papers on time? The deadlines are more and more demanding, and it seems that the things are happening too fast on the market. It is hard to keep up with requirements and to beat the competition. Sometimes have the right information half of the job. This is the main reason why we have more and more sites that are made to help you organize better and to help you to be always informed. It is like having your secretary only in software version. This is going to be your online agenda that will help you to run your business and be updated no matter when.

How does it work?

The software is made to follow your steps and interest and then to offer you the breaking news regarding your favorite topics. You can adjust all the settings. You can set the software to track the person you want to follow, or you can track events that you are interested in. Everything that you find on our Eventseer is a hyperlink and easy to track. This software is based on alerts whenever the event, you are tracking, is updated. You will receive notifications when the person you are tracking is mentioned. It also refers to topics and organizations that you’d decided to follow. The RSS feed here becomes your power weapon. This software also allows you to claim a person profile page as your own so that you can use it as a research blog. Thanks to this little miracle you can precisely reach a highly targeted audience.

How it distinguishes from another social media?

social mediaFirst of all, this is not the personal social network. You do not have to have friends and to designate people as one of them. The best thing is that you can track people whether you like them or not. The point is to be informed about the market not to develop your group of friends. If you invite someone to become a member of Eventseer, but that doesn’t mean you are going to create any special relationship with that person. The main purpose of this site is to learn something from somebody, instead of getting known with that person. Everything is about learning not knowing.