Learning has become easier and for students especially because technology provides simpler access to information. Myeclass provides a simple and convenient method for students to learn about different topics and the details contained on this article shows how to join and use it effectively.

MyEclass : Introduction

Myeclass is a course management system that enables efficient and convenient delivery of top quality online education. This system comes with complete easy to use teaching and learning tools for course development, course management and course delivery. The instructors on this system can readily integrate online content with a wide range of learning activities which contributes to a more holistic learning experience. This is very helpful to students who would have been compelled to use conventional methods of learning which are more complicated and hard to use. It also saves time and resources since the students can be able to get the learning materials that they need. There are assortments of lessons which allow the students to get the specific information that they need. This means that the students get materials and lessons which perfectly match their line of education. Consequently, the students do not have to waste time going through information that is not relevant to their line of education.

How to join

Joining myeclass is simple and can be done by almost anyone. One just needs to have a computer that can access the internet. One also needs to have an updated browser that will have no problem opening the official website. After opening the website one needs to provide a few basic details so as to open an account. This particular account will be the one providing the user with access to the website and the content provided on the website. Upon providing the required details one is issued with a password which is the one that is used to log in to the opened account. Joining this platform is free and one does not need to pay anything so as to benefit from the services provided on the website. The student gets access to the student portal a few hours after providing the few personal details which are usually a single day after providing the necessary details.

Any time the student wants to use the portal he or she will be required to log in using GCPS computer. To effectively join the portal one is required to have a new password which is the one that enhances the security of the account. All the personal details provided while opening the account are not shared with third parties. This gives the students privacy and ability to use the platform without worrying that they will be affected by cyber crime. It also gives the students freedom to get into their accounts in a convenient manner without the account being used by people who are not authorized. In case a student forgets his or her password the student should check with his or her teacher. Such students can also TST about their local school’s process for resetting the password.

Using the Portal myeclass

When students join myeclass successfully they can simply search for the information they need through the search tab found on the official website. In case the students want to communicate with their teachers they need to use their personal email accounts. This is because it is not allowed to use the portal to contact the teachers directly. Any parent who might want to log in into a particular student’s account on myeclass is required to log in with the particular student. This is because this system is designed to be used by students and not parents. If a parent wants to observe or help in particular assignment the parent should get log in details from the student. This is particularly meant to help the students be able to manage their course work properly without interference. It is also meant to ensure that the parents can only access the portal they are interested in with the authorization of the students.

Since this platform is available at all times a student should be able to log in at all times. A student who is unable to log in should start by checking whether his or her internet is working properly. The student should also ensure that he or she is using the right user ID and password. In case all the outlined options do not work the student should contact his or her local school during the school hours to get additional help.

On myeclass there are pop up blockers which are meant to block data from being viewed. Students should allow the pop up blockers through either turning the blockers off or to choose an option to allow the student portal to bypass the pop up blocker. A student will also be required to have a Flash Player version nine or higher so as to view digital content on this platform. Apple devices are designed in a way that they do not support Flash. Consequently, using an iPad or iPhone to view some of the content might be a problem. Students who might need help can easily get it from the getting to know the student portal document that is available on the school system website and on the myeclass official website. The student will have ample time to navigate through this particular help document at his or her own pace. A student can also contact the local school for more help.

On the top right of the official website there is a help icon which the students can use in case they require some help. This particular tab directs the students to helpful information about the system. It also provides answers to the most frequently asked questions. There is no additional after school or weekend support for the student portal. In case of a problem the student can make a note and contact the relevant teacher during school days. In case a student tries to log in unsuccessfully for five times the student’s user ID will be disabled. After this the student should wait for ten minutes and try to log in once again. In case this does not work the student should contact the school so that the account can be reset. In case the student is inactive for more than one hour the connection to the portal will time out. Majority of the etextbooks found on this system are designed to log out the students in case they remain inactive for more than thirty minutes.


It is evident that myerclass is a very helpful system that helps the students to learn in a more convenient. The system is regularly updated and therefore provides helpful and relevant information. It also comes with a lot of resources which allow the students to get almost everything they need. The fact that it is easy to use also makes it ideal for almost any user. Therefore, myeclass has an assortment of benefits which make learning easy and convenient.