Modern times brought us a lot of modern habits and customs. We can say that we are always in a hurry. We are surrounded by deadlines, product owners, product managers and always chasing for the most efficient result. No matter how hard we try to accomplish this, we are not robots, and we often make mistakes or simple forget things. Forgetting to do something is sometimes worse than doing wrong things. Missing an important event or an appointment can be a huge mistake in your career. This is the main reason why Eventseer has been created.

Eventseer advantages

logoIn the beginning, the idea was to create a site that will interact with the user, and that will help him or her to organize his work promptly. Later it became a kind if personal assistant. The user is not capable working without worrying that he is going to miss some important webinar or event. This interactive board will follow any person that you want to track on the market. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to set your search engines that will help you to filter your notifications and any news that you can read on the internet. The essential advantage of Eventseer is the fact that you do not have to become friend with somebody if you invite him to join the site. Here the crucial object is to learn from someone to meet him.

Eventaseer disadvantages

Like any other software, this one has flaws. It is not a flaw it is a bad influence. You will always be updated, and you will start to lean on this software, and you will stop thinking and worrying and on the other hand, you will simple stop leaning on yourself. This is an only side effect to your mind. It will become lazy. To avoid this, we created some games that you can play to keep it in shape. If you do not like them, you can always play crosswords when you find the time. This side effect is a modern time disease, we simple lean too much on technology.